Thank You Deanna Willis


Pat Maietta

We are trying to get every chapter their own PowerPoint Projector.

Also, on Friday we ordered two more big NACHI Trade Show booth displays to lend out to members who are doing major REALTOR or Home Shows. Member Jim Krumm has one of our existing ones at the Log Home Convention this weekend.

Also, on Friday we ordered from member Jay Keeney, 25 more NACHI tablecloths: for members to use.

We’re close to having a NACHI Trade Show Kit which will include giveaways, brochures, a tablecloth, banner, etc to ship to NACHI members who are doing shows.

Very nice Nick…great ideas.

Just another step towards greater acheivements. Thanks Nick. Hope to see the fruits of your labors…:smiley:

I don’t understand you Tony? Your up for banners, signs and tablecloths but not a NACHI Flag?

All the things promote NACHI just like the flag would. I thought you were only interested in promoting yourself.

The NACHI Flag idea is to promote NACHI Booths, Locations of Chapter meetings and something to help you stand out if you wanted to be in one of your local parades. If you could also get some of the local banks to fly one under their other flags it would cause people to ask them what that flag is for. That would in turn cause them to tell people about you presenting them with the flag and what you do.

Marketing should be something that causes the community to ask questions. When people ask questions they tend to remember things better.

The car window flag idea is a marketing tool that connects you to the larger marketing tools.

Just pointing out my confusions.

That woke me up…seeing my name always wakes me up.

I can see why you might be confused Jason…however, I don’t see the value in a flag, maybe it is just me, but I don’t do parades and I don’t have a flagpole. And I have a hard time believing anyone will convince one bank to fly a NACHI flag under Old Glory, let alone “some of the local” banks.

I don’t see any value in wearing a shirt w/ my associations name on it either…to me that is just like running an ad in the newspaper and telling people to “find our company in the yellow pages”…why not just hand the prospect a handful of your competitors cards?

As for the tradeshow booth…ever price one of those bad boys? A free NACHI booth would be a hell of a price savings…and you could use the money you save to market yourself even more. For the record…I won’t ever need the booth…but for those that are doing the shows, it will be a great advantage for their company not to have to spend that money.

Sorry to confuse you Jason…


I have noticed that most of those that have been making positive comments about the flag idea have been those who are actively promoting NACHI like chapter Pres., VP, Speakers at chapter meetings and the like.

They all like different designs but they are the ones that like the idea. The idea is meant more to assist them with making a statement in the community.

I never thought that members would think it would be for them to fly in front of their home.

Just doing my job :wink:

Nick and Deanna,
The trade show kit (when available) or the booth display would be great for the Atlanta Board of Reators Show on August 23rd. Please schedule us to get one a few days prior to the show. Say delivered on Aug 18th to:
Earl Beahm
183 Stoneforest Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
Thanks very much,

This is very cool to have a whole kit for the shows!