Thank you George Wells and

Just wanted to say thank you for doing the Best Inspectors 2013 Annual Holiday Giveaway. It is a really nice event that you put on and a kind and generous thing to do. Thanks are also in order to all of the sponsors that donated prizes.

I hope that you have a great year!

George is a great vendor with great products and a long record of serving NACHI members in a professional and classy way.

What James said.

Nice job George,

I received one of the prizes provided by George, Thanks George!

I agree and thank you Jeff for the reminder of how we have so many great members / suppliers like George who help so many .


Thanks, George. It is vendors like you that help improve our association. :slight_smile:

No doubt, every time I have met George, he’s never been anything but professional and helpful.

Thank you Jeff and everyone for your participation in the annual event and for your kind words. I also want to thank all the vendors who participated this year.

A special thanks goes to InterNACHI for once again being the single biggest contributor. We’ve been doing this for so long I cannot even remember when we started the annual holiday giveaway but InterNACHI has participated almost since the beginning and has been the biggest contributor every year.

It truly is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the home inspector community and especially, the InterNACHI family. I worked many years for big companies. I liked the work I did and I liked most of the jobs I had over the years but I never really felt like I belonged in that world.

Home inspectors are among the last of a dying breed. Most businesses are too complex for small one or two person operations to be successful. A home inspector can remain truly independent; at least, for now.

If it weren’t for InterNACHI and people like Nick Gromicko, Joe Ferry, Mike Crow, Mike Casey, Kevin O’Mally, Bill Merrell, Roger Runnels and others who support us, it would not be possible for independent inspectors to survive and flourish in today’s complex business environment.

Thank you George. I won the 3-Day pass for the Orlando conference. This is the first conference for me and I’m looking forward in meeting other members and taking in the Monday Business seminar.


Make sure you stop by Inspector Office Pro. Love to meet you and trade some ideas. That’s goes for everyone else as well.