Thank you InterNACHI

I recently took two days off to take my kids to Legoland, California.

My wife and I searched up and down for every discount and every coupon possible to see how we could get the most value.

It came down to nothing beat the discount I got on a two-day pass from being part of InterNACHI.

My kids were thrilled. We have fun. And the best part is my phone rang off the hook the entire time with inspections so my schedule was full when I got home.

Thank you Nick, Ben, Jessica, and the rest of the staff. :smiley:

Awesome. I use the InterNACHI Super Deals myself and always save.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register for InterNACHI’s Super Deals for free by clicking on the green Super Deals link near the bottom of

Nearly 300,000 deals and discounts on everything.

Any kind of special discounts for Disneyland or Universal Studios, didn’t see it in the list, maybe on another section??

Probably there is so many they are hard to find.

I’m planning a trip to Universal Orlando this summer. I saw Disney, but not Universal.

We have the best deal from Universal Studios. Register.

Thx I’ll look more carefully

What is the Registration Code?