Thank you ITA!

ITA fixed up their list of exhibitors to include a very nice blurb about NACHI.


Very Nice!

ITA is one of the quality home inspection institutes, happy to see the problem was worked out to everyone’s benefit.

:smiley: There is a House…:smiley:

Sorry folks, private joke going on here.

:)In New Orleans:)

John Started it and now its stuck in my head.

Called the Rising Sun :stuck_out_tongue:

ASHI’s blurb is pretty funny.

How can you be the most respected if you are lying about being the largest? NACHI is the largest in every quantifiable category by far. I have no respect for liars.

I was waiting for that. :wink:

You’re right, Nick.

When I was a stripper at a Ladies Only night club, one of my pals told me that I should put a potato in my pants to get more tips, so I did.

What he failed to tell me was that the potato was to go in the FRONT of my pants. :roll:

Boy, did I feel silly.

What kind of tips did you get? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Maybe the tips of the potato !!!:shock: :shock: :shock:


I was thinking it was tips on how to treat his “issue”.:twisted:

He got $hitty tips.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

His BEST tip…STOP STRIPPING…:slight_smile:


Aw, c’mon, guys…I wasn’t that bad.

The boss said, with a little work, I could be another Chris Farley. Anyone want a french fry?

You’re french fry? :wink:

I saw that, and I’m waiting for Nick to jump all over their A$$ on that misrepresentation.