Thank you Jeff Jonas.

Jeff generously had me donate his $100 Most Helpful Poster Contest winnings to the St. Jude Hospital:

We have another contest running this week. Everyone please vote:

That’s a nice gesture Nick and Jeff.

My buddy, Russ Laney is the one who manages the dream Homes projects for St. Judes. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

Cast your votes for this week’s contest here:

Thank you Nick for your generosity.

While on this subject, is the Nachi Foundation still active, or any of the other programs you have, like the Childrens Winter Coat program, or the Smoke Detector program that Paul Sabodos oversaw, and other programs?

If so, you really should have them listed somewhere for the general membership to refer/donate to. I’ll bet many here have no clue the extent that you go to for those in need.

This Association is much more far reaching than many know. This MB is just a smidge of the universe, and many have no clue the depths that it’s membership goes through to help those in need. Many, if not most, do so without acknowledgement of any kind. Thank you to those that participate**. **I for one appreciate you.

Always helping those in need.
Thanks Jeff.

Bump… Nick???

Thanks Jeff… Alls well that ends well. :smiley:

Thanks Joe, and yes, it’s time to heal.

Hoping Nick sees my questions above so he can advise on the Nachi Foundation and others. They did good work, but I don’t think they ever got the recognition or support they deserved.