Thank You John Shishilla

**Thank You again John Shishilla for letting me ride along with you on inspections for the past 2 days. Based on my short experience with you, I realize that I have a lot to learn to achieve your level of knowledge and professionalism (and may never achieve your level). What a great experience and a tremendous individual. Thanks for all your time and help. **
**I really think that Home Inspectors should be required to go through a training experience with seasoned professionals like John, for at least a couple of months in order to get their license. Classes and 2 days of riding with a Professional like John is not near enough experience based on what I have seen in a short period of time. **

Again Thank You John

Thanks John!

Thank You also Nick for your assistance in helping me find John. What a Great individual he is. You and InterNACHI have been very helpful to me.

John’s the man! But, Michele is the one really in charge :smiley:

Nice Job John, that is exactly what members should do for one another.

Nice job John. :slight_smile: