Thank you John

I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to John Bowman for helping to make the first meeting for The Pocono-Northeast PA Chapter a resounding success!

Driving in the pouring rain for 3+ hours (each way) to give a presentation to 17 home inspectors and never complained once! … Well maybe he complained once … or twice but no more than that! :wink:

Honestly John, Thank you for going through all the trouble to make our first chapter meeting a memorable one.

NACHI family helping each other… our greatest benefit.
Keep up the good work John B.

More proof that Uncle John goes “out of his way” to ensure the success of fellow NACHI Inspectors!

I haven’t been to Dingman’s Ferry since the 60’s, but have fond memories camping there. Is the old tavern still in biz? I seem to remember playing pool there with my Uncle Bill, when I was about 13 . . .

A great group of individuals that were treated to some great upcoming programs. They were the first to be introduced to the great E & O program that is being developed and the first group introduced to an Infrared program to be released, hopefully in September.

It was truly a pleasure.

Yes the “tavern” is still there only new owners renamed it “The Silver Lake Tavern”

Nicer name to bring in the tourists but still the same ole watering hole inside.

What was it before, just “Dingman’s”?

That was in the mid-60’s, so I don’t really recall!