Thank You Joseph T. Burkeson

For taking good care of my Son’s Florida home inspection needs.

My son is an Air Force officer based at MacDill AFB in Tampa and is currently on deployment. A few months back he decided to purchase a home in Riverview Fl, near his base. Joe referred him to an excellent local agent who was well versed in working with military personnel (I believe that she too is a vet) to help him find the right home and work through the long process of purchasing a short sale property.

More recently, Joe and Square-One Inspection Service, LLC, performed the pre-purchase and wind mitigation inspections for him and did an outstanding job with them, providing a thorough inspection and detailed report for my son, who could not be present.

As a colleague and a parent, I thank you Joe for taking such excellent care of my family.

Way to go, Joe.

Nicely done Joe.

Well done Joe. I am a Vet from the “Gator Navy” and always give a discount to fellow Veterans.

Glad I could help.

HooRah, Joe!

I expected no less, he is a top notch guy and what really stands out about Joe, like him or not…he loves the profession.

This is awesome to hear and better that it was done.


Good job Joe.

Just shows what a great mentor can do for an inspector.

Good to hear Joe.

Good work Joe

Great Job Joe