Thank you Lisa & Nick

Dear members or potential members,
I have been a member of Nachi since 2008 and hiring different office help throughout the years had greatly confused my membership standings and information. I do tend to get frustrated when it comes to billing and that end of the business. I had sent out a few messages to nachi that were definitely showing my frustration and I would like to say that Nick had Lisa were right on it, Nick had Lisa call me personally, even though from what I understand Nick was out of town on business, and they straightened out the situation very quickly and efficiently. Lisa went out of her way to make sure that my standings qualifications were charged the 2008 pricing even though they could’ve very easily been charging me 2015 prices. This is a great organization and I have learned many things that continuously help my home inspection career.
Thank You both again, Ron DeMott, Better Home Inspections inc.

They definitely run the best organization I have ever been in.

Agreed. Other organizations can’t offer what Nachi does.

I’ll tell you a funny story about Lisa Endza. I met and interviewed her for the first time about 11 years ago. We both lived at over 8,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado. During the interview, she talked straight for 40 minutes or more without gasping for air. I’m not exaggerating. At the end of the interview, I told her I’d let her know about the job and showed her out the door. My staff was giggling and was saying that they were worried I’d never get her to stop talking. They all assumed that I’d never hire Lisa. I then instructed them to forward all the phone lines to one, lone telephone. When they had finished, I called Lisa and told her she had the job. I put her on that phone and she out talked the entire inspection industry. She still handles our phones to this day.

Lisa has a gift of communication and she cares about the needs of members. That is a real asset for sure.

Nick introduces Lisa as the shadow gov’t when visitors come to the main office.

Great story :smiley:

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Good morning,

I just felt the need to express my appreciation for one of the InterNACHI employees, Lisa Endza. In the fast and hectic world we live in, customer service has taken a bit of a back seat nowadays; therefore I felt the strong need to let your company know how professional Lisa has been with me. Being a new member to InterNACHI, my husband and I needed some important questions answered and in a timely manner. Lisa answered our questions right away and each time I’ve called her she has returned my call within minutes! I’m so happy to know that she is one of my points of contact! Thank you for your time!


Eric & Marcella Siemer

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Yes, Ms. Lisa is in the perfect position for what she does; and she does an enormous amount for InterNACHI and its members!

Lisa is up for a raise.

We have the best department heads in the world. Jesse who runs our marketing department, Chloe our CFO, Ben leading education, Kim my Chief of Staff, Kelsea managing our insurance inspections, Kate our Editor in Chief… they all run their divisions flawlessly.

INACHI is amazing.