Thank you Michelle Shishilla!

I don’t even know where to begin. Wow. Really well done.

2nd that

Thanks to all that helped. The whole Honor Crew, Nick for the great prizes and inviting the guests.

Mike Crow
Gary Rosen
Ben Gromicko
Zoe and Bob Farr
Russel Buchanan from HomeGauge
Michael Rowan,
Kevin OMalley
Dayna Jones
Schuyler Hellings
Michael Hapner

Thank you
We had a great time and are already looking forward to the next event.

Yes, thank you!

This meeting exceeded all expectations! Still processing all the info.Thank you

I wonder if people really realize the effort that goes into these events. Did anyone notice we ran out of NOTHING? Did anyone notice there was plenty of food for both days? Did you see all the computers, microphones, chairs, and support people waiting to help if needed?

All of these things do not just happen. Each and everything there is planned, obtained, placed, cleaned, made and available. For people to plan such an event and not have a single glitch is unheard of.

I now see why the Shishillas have a very successful company and a very happy and successful and loving family. Both of their children are in national honor societies to boot! Rarely do you find people with this caliber of kindness and compassion.

I am not only honored to be in an organization, but also very proud and honored to call them friends.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your efforts.

“Behind a successful man, there is a women”. or something like that. Anyway, great job John and Michelle. I think u have definately set a high bar on the future chapter meetings.

Michael you and your nephew were true servants and jumped to assist without prompting. Unsung hero’s !

I second what Russell said.

THANK YOU! It was such a great time! We are very lucky in this organization to have been able to surround ourselves with such Good, Honest, Hardworking, PROFESSIONALS. Because of that, when it comes time for an Event like this, it brings out the best in all of us and the end result is an outstanding product!!

Do you know… on Day two of our meeting we planned our Committee’s for our Chapter (announcement to follow) We had OVER 60 INDIVIDUALS VOLUNTEER FOR COMMITTEES!!! That is HUGE!!! It is because of these members and/SOON TO BE members… that are our Chapter of Inter-Nachi Successful!!!

Nick - this meeting simply could not have been as successful without your help in obtaining OUTSTANDING VENDOR PARTICIPATION. The GIVEAWAYS from HomeGauge, Home Inspector Pro, Pro-Lab, Inter-Nachi, etc were AWESOME!!!

Just a side note: Then Gentleman who won the ladder… His ladder had been stolen recently and he was saving money to buy a new one… ISN’T IT SO TERRIFIC he WON!!!

Of course, THANK YOU again to Michael Rowan from Inspection Depot, Ben Gromicko, Russell Buchanan from HomeGuage, Dr. Gary Rosen, Michael Hapner, Izon Analytical, Michael Crow, Schuyler Hellings, Kevin O’Malley, Dominic - Home Inspector Pro, ProLab, Kevin O’Malley, Zoe and Bob Farr - Secretary of FABI.

I would also like to personally thank these individuals:
AUBREY KAHN - for taking over the kitchen
MICHAEL & Johnny SHISHILLA - for the heavy lifting, and anything else that needed to be done.
ROSETTA JOHNS - our Office Manager
THE MANY Inter-Nachi members who helped clean up, stack chairs, fold tables etc.

And Of course My Wonderful Husband. Because, without him none of our meeting could have been nearly as successful. He runs a terrific meeting and brings out the BEST IN ME.

Great job guys and gals. I can’t wait till the next one…thanx

Thank you again to the Shishilla family and volunteers for putting together a professional meeting/workshop, again.

Could not make the second day, but if I had an agenda in advance it could of been advantagous to be able to set my schedule around priorities i.e. make it at a certain time if I can’t make to entire day…

Maybe in the future an agenda in advance (day 1 … day 2…)
A person paid to put the minutes together for dissemination.

The Nachi team can count me in for volunteer projects.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am sorry you missed the agenda that was previously posted in several threads and our chapter website.

However, a detail of the two day event will be emailed out later this week.


It just could have not been done any better then it was.

A huge thank you to John, Michelle, and all who helped behind the scenes. Ditto what Russell said.

Oh no!, if we start to become Russell ditto heads Nick might go crazy!:wink:

But he is right they all deserve our thanks.

I had a great time meeting and visiting with everyone at the event! Thank you Michelle & John Shishilla for organizing it. It was a very impressive turnout and I learned a lot about what affects Florida Home Inspectors vs. their contemporaries around the country. I look forward to working everyone in Florida!

Great Job Michelle!!!