Thank you Mike Hapner from Allinspections!

We also want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU! to Mike Hapner of Allinspections. Mike gave a great presentation about his report software for smart phones.

If paperwork is your nemesis… which I KNOW it is… then you need to check out his software. it is the perfect solution to those of you who are buried with paperwork… it is comprehensive, easy to use, and evolving every day to include more and more capabilities!!!

Also, Bruce Graham was the lucky winner of Allinspections Eye Fi Wifi Card Give Away! Lucky Guy!!

Enjoy the photos…

Congratulations Bruce. It couldn’t have gone to a better inspector. See you in Gainesville.

Thank YOU, Michelle – and everyone that attended!

Please remember – we’ll be happy to help anyone who needs help deciding which smartphone to get… or if you have one already and need assistance.

Please give us a call – 727-820-1188 or