Thank you NACHI

I just want to say thanks. I think NACHI is a great organization. Lots of free advise from everyone and stuff from Nick and the gang.

I received lots of training from local chapters and at a GOOD price.

I have been a member for almost 3 years and have never regretted it.
But besides all the training, advise, help, free stuff, etc the members are great.

I received a call from another member who wanted to refer a customer to me. Would any other organization do that.

So Larry Kage thanks, they did call and the inspection is scheduled.



I couldn’t agree more. There are some very knowledgeable people on this MB that are more than eager to help. I just had a very busy few weeks and during that time I asked quite a few questions on this board. I always got help when I needed it. I hope to return the favor someday. :smiley:

My pleasure, Bill.

I’ve gotten to know you enough on this BB to feel comfortable referring you. :wink: I look forward to meeting you in person down the line.

I’m pleased it worked out for you. Go get 'em!

And by the way this is not the first this has happened. I have another NACHI member in my area that when either of us can not meet the clients schedule we will pass the referral to each other.
So another thanks to Jim Miller A&D inspection service.

Hi Bill…what a nice post.