Thank you Nathan Thornberry. $10,000.00 donation!


Way to go Nate Thorn berry!

More warm kids!

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Probably not a smart idea to post a full color scan of an actual check…

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Great stuff - congrats.

Wow that is an awesome donation!

Very nice! :slight_smile:


Very generous gift!

Very generous gift Nathan, especially considering how Nathan was treaded by certain members years back.
That’s going to purchase a hell of a lot of Cozy Coats For Kids. Yahoo!

Nathan Thornberry, you just won yourself, You’re The Best award I infrequently hand out to deserving members. Keep it somewhere safe.

I hope Nick still has his You’re The King Mate award. Should be worth a considerable amount of You’re The Best awards when they become of value one day. And who knows, The Sky’s The Limit might be just around the corner. :grin:

Very generous donation especially after several InterNACHI members treated him like crap on this site 2-3 yrs ago. Way to go Nathan