Thank You Nick and all NACHI Staff & Members for this fine Organization we belong to!

Thank you for the Commercial SOP Book, it is well written and love reading it.

Cool… when viewing the pic’s, if you click the ‘next’ button real fast, Al does a little dance for us !!! :shock::wink:

I agree with you 110% Al !!! :D:D

Wait 'til you see the movie version.

on how Al lost his mustache.

Alfred. Staff loved the title of your thread and your picture, so much that we’ve shipped you our entire inspector library, at no charge.

The list price on these books separately adds up to $663.15.

Happy reading.

Dear Nick and Staff,

Thank You So Much! I can’t thank you enough, I Love InterNACHI it is the best Association around the education is outstanding and the Members are great! Nick I will enjoy every minute of reading these fine Books. So many Members I never met but it is like I know them personally. What an Organization “Love It”. Thank You Nick.

It includes the Inspector Graphics Library on CD too. Shipped.

Thank You Nick!!!

Wow !!!

Al, what a lucky day. I am sure you will put them to great use. It made my day when I recieved the How to Inspect Pools and Spas book the other day. It has taught me much I did not know already. Nick and his team are always very generous but they have amazed me yet again.

Hear Hear! I agree with all, NACHI is awesome!