Thank you Nick and Gerry and Porter Valley

:smiley: Nick, Gerry and Porter Valley put on an excellent educational class for the Atlanta chapter this week end. Hats off to Earl Beahm and all involved in the structure of this education program. We learned a lot and Gerry is very knowledgeable on many subjects. We did have to prop him against the wall on Saturday afternoon as he flagged from our questions and our draining of his brain matter. You know for a trans-planted Brit, e ain’t so bad mate.

We only hope that we can continue to get this type of quality education from NACHI through the financial sponsorship of this fine organization. Keep up the good work NICK. U tha Man…

Mike Whisenant

I thought you where going to say you had to prop him against the wall because he was drunk!!

What Mike said. Thanks

Carl, how dare you…that was later :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Seriously though, we had a great couple of days here in Atlanta, thanks to Porter Valley software (who sponsored the training room for 2 days), Earl Beahm, who planned the event, and the Atlanta Chapter members who as always were a great bunch of people to spend time with.

I taught for 2 days covering, Manufactured housing, Electrical inspection and Commercial inspection. A hell of a good event. Lorne Steiner and Mark Donahue from PV were in attendance showing off there Commercial software and no one fell asleep at all!!

The Altanta chapter deserves recognition as one of NACHI’s oldest and most active chapters, they meet every month, rain or shine to provide support and education to Georgian members. My hat is off to Mike Rose (past President) and Earl Beahm (President) for writing the blueprint for all NACHI chapters.