Thank you Nick, Krystal, Lisa, Dee, and anyone else who sent these!

I got my shirts in the mail today and I’m so thrilled to pieces!!! They are so gorgeous! I’m going to wear them everywhere and probably both at the same time! :slight_smile: Except I might have to only wear one at a time so I can wash one. :wink:

I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll be wearing them proud! Thank you so much, what a lovely gift, and so unexpected! I appreciate it so much! My kids were so excited as well! I have a feeling my daughter is going to be wearing the
“Got Mold” t-shirt when I’m not looking! LOL! :wink:

Thanks again so very much. Just another reason Nick and Nachi have been such a wonderful asset from the beginning. When we wear the NACHI name we should always remember that we are ambassador’s for the organization, and conduct ourselves accordingly. May we do so well.

Until we “Become True Professionals” and join ASHI, right Windy?