Thank you Nick!

Got a box of inspector outlet stuff, for helping with the electric panel from hell thread! Very much appreciated…

Same here received mine yesterday - THANKS Nick !!!

Yep! Thanks

Thanks Nick.
The free “Now Books” is just what the doctor ordered!

Got my box of stuff from Inspector Outlet yesterday. Almost got me in trouble because my wife thought I was out buying stuff again ( “I thought you saw a good deal again” was her actual quote). After explaining the situation to her I was excited to see the value that was much more than I ever expected. Thank you Nick for helping me advance my business, even though you made my wife mad for a while :wink:

Thanks Nick what a pleasant surprise.

Got my stuff today Nick, thank , those books are the best. I hand them out to every client on a home inspection.

PS my cat said thank you for the box:mrgreen: