Thank You - PA, TN and KS/MO

Thank You to all of you that attended the seminars on electrical inspections in the past 3 days. I know it is ALOT of information to take in in a short amount of time…Electricity is a TOUGH topic so thank you to all of you and I hope I answered your questions.

Remember you have my card…you are always welcome to call me and i will assist you WONDERFUL people anytime…NACHI ROCKS

I also want to thank TOM RAUSH…a top notch guy and I thank him for taking care of me over the 3 days…It really means alot.

P.S…I did todays in Kansas City…SICK as a dog…ate something bad in TN…anyway thanks guys for KS/MO…I tried to be as funny as normal…now I just want to go HOME !

Hey Paul… Great Seminar in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Have a great weekend!


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