Thank you Roy Cooke !!!

Having heard about Roy and Mario’s great educational experiance with Level I certification offer here in the GTA by ITC I thought I would take the course as well. We just finished day 1 and I am back in the hotel now.

28 students in the class
26 male, 2 female
4 Home inspectors (including me)

I would like to thank Mario who was kind enough to send me at his cost the course presentation material so that I could prepare ahead of time for the course.

**I would also like to thank Roy Cooke. A couple of weeks ago, Roy lent me his brand new camera for a few days so that I could play around with it and get used to it. He made all of the arangements to get to camera to me and have it returned to him. **

**Then he and his wife Char drove almost 3 hours (one way) to get the camera to me so that I would have a camera to use at the course. **

From the time Roy made the offer a few weeks ago and even today, I am truely amazed that such generosity exists in the world today. NACHI truely has a gem here with his membership.

Roy is a great guy… !

Congrats, Paul.

Please share when you’re finished.

I don’t even know Roy, but he sure is one guy that I’d like to meet some day.

That doesn’t surprise me of Roy, he is that kind of guy always helpful!

But don’t get on his bad side…

A few years ago I needed something on a CD. I didn’t ask anyone for anything on this message board, we were simply discussing about different types of photo’s etc.

About a week later I get my mail and it’s something from Roy Cooke…!!

I’ll be damned…Roy went out of his way to send me what I needed, and I at that time had never really even spoken to Roy, besides general chit-chat here on the message board…I simply couldn’t believe it.

I have nothing but great things to say about Roy and his wife Char…!!!

Always helpful…!! and very generous…!!


Those of us that are so fortunate to call Roy a friend do so proudly!! When you meet him you will know why!!!

Agreed Dale!!!


Come to Chicago and I’ll treat you to so much junk food you’ll never make it home. :smiley:

Thanks your my kind of person . So many great people in NACHI ,fantastic love it.


Time will tell…