Thank you Russell Hensel for the Florida referral.

After experiencing some nitwits that were recommended by others, I called some InterNACHI members for a referral for a qualified electrician for my family in southwest Florida. One member didn’t have time to talk…and was curt.

Another member, Russell J. Hensel, of Comprehensive Building Consultants and called me back after I contacted his office requesting the referral. He took time to speak with me, text me the referral info and wish me the best. He asked that I let him know what my experience was.

Dan House Electric [FONT=Arial] deserves kudos for a job well done, from the estimator, Eric, to the electricians, Mike and Cody. The quote was accurate and the work outstandingly completed and professional. My family members are very happy.

Thank you Russell!..and Dan House Electric!



Kudos to Russell… and to Larry for sharing!

Nice testimonial Larry. I wish that all inspectors are as helpful as Russell!

Russell IS one of the good guys:D

Larry - It was a pleasure talking with you. I love helping people, hence I am in the CHOSEN profession that I am in. If there is anything you need or your family all they have to do is call and I will try and help them the best I can.

I get about 5 calls a day just for advice on one thing or another from INACHI members or Realtors or past clients. I just love what I do…glad I can help and I am very serious, if your family needs anything else, I am jsut a call away.

Have fun up north!..

10-4 Russell. You and yours do the same.

Thanks again, my friend. :smiley:

Nice russ I have a home watch referral in Naples , if u can call my office tomorrow you can collect the info, thanx

You got it Dennis I will have Sheri call in the morning thanks buddy