Thank You! Gary Porter from Orlando...

Gary is going out of his way to help a family member of mine in Orlando.

I wish I could be there to do it but I can’t.

It’s what Nachi members do for each other, he said.

Gary was gracious in his desire to help and made me feel like I was doing him a favor.

God bless you, Gary!

You’re a class act, Gary. Way to go.

Good to see the compliment to another inspector for his help on the here.

Gary is a class act…look at his post. Gentlemen who seems genuinely sincere in all his dealings. Good man!


Thanks for being one of the good guys. Unfortuantely it is more widespred for media to promote inaccurate or unfactual bs on inspectors instead of praising the majority who are doing the right thing.

Way to go Gary!!

I would give Gary a Greenie if I could :mrgreen:

It was not a problem. I would do this for any of my NACHI brothers and sisters.

Good man Gary.

Hey Gary, I need a favor!