Thankful to Mentor

Not sure I can explain how beneficial finding a great mentor is for all new inspectors.

Sir Roy Lewis is a class act. Giving me a business outlook and helping me formalize my business plan. Working to ensure I am inspecting in compliance with SOP. Then helping me close out the process with a first class inspection report. Sharing bits of information in each area.

While I am learning daily and not sure that process ever stops. I want to thank Roy publicly and if there is anything a new guy could recommend to other new guys it is seek out a top notch CMI and ride until they throw you out of their truck.


Roy’s the best!

Yes, Roy has mentored/helped many.

Very nice Markus. Yes, Roy is a class act, but for the benefit of new inspectors everywhere, let me modify your statement to be more helpful to more newbies…

FYI…I know w-a-y more kickass veteran inspectors than I do qualified CMI’s!!
You got lucky, others may not!