Thanks a million, my friends!

**My faith in mankind has been restored, because of how much support you guys have given me, over the issue of accusations made against myself, and Sharondale Academy of Arts and Trades. I really didn’t realize how many friends I had out there. This message board is all about helping each other, and the great majority of you certainly helped me out of a potentially nasty situation. I’m proud of you …all of you. My school is not about pumping a lot of theory into my students, but rather giving them the maximum number of inspections, we can squeeze into a ten week period. I’m putting my tuition up next class, like I have for the last five or six. …I look forward to meeting more of you down the road…Thanks again!

I’m not a blabbermouth, but when I have something to say; I know how to say it!

You are more than welcome!

We {Canadians} will not let two bad apples ruin the entire barrel and we have a lot of healing and fence mending to do.

All of us knew that once the two trouble makers were gone that we can only go forward and upward.

Your previous post and all of the positive responses show that as a group we can and will “think things through” and come to a fair and equitable solution.

Keep up the good work and we all wish you the best of luck.