First thanks NACHI.
I received a request for information from a client that found my name on NACHI. He sent me a request through my web site on Sunday before labor day.
On Monday I replied with the information he requested.
On Tuesday he calls requesting an inspection.
On Thursday we complete the inspection.
At the end of the inspection we were talking about web sites, he said he hired me because of my web site, my experience and the fact that I answered him on a holiday.
He also said he did a search on findaninspector and found 15 names, after looking at the web sites available he e-mailed 4 NACHI inspectors.
His only negative comment was that the other three still have not responded to his request.
Word of advise to those three, if you are going to advertise an e-mail you should check it.

The other 3 inspectors probably had AOL accounts :roll: and so had their customer’s emails blocked by AOL. Dump AOL folks!

Anyway, I’m glad www.FindanInspector.US is working. We have press releases concerning and going out to literally tens of thousands of media outlets next week.

Also, we are working on a big new site: but it won’t be done until Thanksgiving.