Thanks for the Cookies :)

Just needed to thank Jeffrey Jonas for sending me enough cookies to gain another 5 pounds. Did I look too skinny for you in Minnesota last week during the success seminar? :mrgreen: I REALLY appreciate the thought and effort! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that your INTERNET security settings would have kept those cookies out! :smiley: :wink:

I have my settings set to only keep out the cookies I don’t want :mrgreen:

I need to send you a pizza if I can figure a way to keep it fresh.

Make sure it’s deep dish. I never got to try one :frowning:

Never sent food in the mail, so maybe someone knows a way.

They have Uno’s in Ca.

You are very welcome. You have helped me, and so many others, that it was no effort at all. I don’t think there’s enough cookies to show my gratitude. Other than budgeting to purchase your wares, it’s one of only a few ways available to pay you back. Sometimes a spoken “Thank You” just isn’t enough!!! You deserve every crumb. :smiley:

PS… It was Milwaukee, WI, not MN. :stuck_out_tongue: See… your blood sugar must have been getting low. Glad you received them in time!:mrgreen:


Well, though I didn’t send cookies, I was able to attend the Milwaukee seminar…as a “virgin”, I was pretty overwhelmed and know I didn’t spend enough time mingling and talking to folks! Stupid of course, but just have to say it was well worth the time and FEW $$$ spent to see it. Dom was great, gave some awesome info to a rookie like me, and Mike Crow was, to say the least, inspiring. Much more fun to listen to than the gloom and doom we hear lately! Thanks to everyone! So glad I joined (as Nick promised I would be!)!!!

Oops. That’s what I get for posting while drinking (milk with my cookies). :mrgreen:

Casey, glad to help. There’s articles on some of what I talked about posted on our site.

Hmm, if we’re still having that Success Seminar in San Diego, I know where I’ll visit.

If you missed out on a Chicago italian beef or hot dogs, there are a couple of Portillo’s in Ca. now.:wink:

I’ll have to check it out. Out here ‘Pinks’ is the famous hot dog place for the past 50+ years.

Pinks’ is over-rated… :roll:

In Chicago, there’s a Pinks on every block. They’re only doing it the way it’s supposed to be done. An oddity in CA. :wink:

(Yes, first hand experience. Raised in Chicago, 10 years in SoCal). :shock:

So is it worth going to Portillo’s?

Forget it, it’s 5am. I’m going to bed. Lots of pizza and hotdogs to dream about :slight_smile:

Portillo’s is fine if you enjoy your typical Vienna Beef hotdog/charbroil burger joint. It may vary by region, though. They’re always doing a ton of business in Vernon Hills (northern Chicago burb). Lou Malnati’s has optionsto send out pizzas with other Chicago tastes. The links on the left of the site give you many choices on what to pair with the pizza. Seems expensive though.



Absolutely !!! :smiley:

2 dozen cookies down :slight_smile: Thanks Jeffrey hehe.