Thanks HON!

I didn’t win it at the Christmas party, but just received a phone saying that was getting a free year of HON. This is a very merry Christmas. Thanks HON and thank you InterNACHI.

What’s HON?

I don’t know. I guess I’ll be finding out :slight_smile:

I hope it isn’t too painful Have a Merry Christmas

I received the same call too. I haven’t called it back, I wasn’t sure if it was legit. I will call them back so I can get it set up.

HON is Homeowners Inspection Network, normally you have to pay $$ a year for membership. I got a call also, won a years membership at Christmas party, maybe everyone participating got one free year membership? Merry Christmas!

Seems to me it is Home Owners Network. It is free to inspectors but $199 to homeowners. Not sure why you won a free memebership but I could be wrong,.

Maybe it was a prank call from someone in a Santa meme you posted.

If you use Home inspector Pro (HIP) reports you get it free. It is a nice feature. I always invite my clients. One more marketing tool. I have had no bad experience with it.


We’re close to offering HON as a free membership benefit to all InterNACHI members.

Can anyone explain what it is? I looked at their website, and I’m still not sure.

And Gabriel, maybe :slight_smile:

Are there any privacy issues?

As far as I know, yes, it’s another hand over your clients info for the benefit.

Which is why I’ve not really looked into much.

And as Frank mentioned, their website really doesn’t explain what the heck HON even is.

Is this a nt thing?

No. It is who NT is suing.

Will that include free indemnification against attacks by Darth and the Gnat Sith Order?

Call & ask them, report back

I did receive a call to get this set up, is it really worth looking into. Frank did they ask for any personal information when you were called to set it up?

I got the call as well. Won it. Checked out the website and don’t know what it is either. Seems like another middle man using inspectors to get to clients? The client pays for the use of the site which enables them to find local tradesman to work on their houseMay be wrong but that’a all I see.

If after you go to the website and still don’t know what it is I would really think before I gave them any information. Would you hire an inspector if you went to their website and still didn’t know what they did?