Thanks InterNachi!

Received a gift package in the mail today, for posting my picture here:

I wanted to be among the first to say THANK YOU! I plan on sticking around for a while, this keeps getting better and better. The Education, benefits, forums, etc, keep getting sweeter. (not to mention the staff looking better;) .

If you are thankful for InterNACHI, Please post it!

Michael I am !

I am thankful. The people who really benefit from InterNACHI are my clients. I can give them a better and more informative inspection. I am not just a member who pays a fee and says they are a member of an association, I take advantage of all the knowledge available here to give the best inspection I can.

Oh great, Michael! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now if I say I’m grateful, it’ll look like I’m only saying it because you told us to!

And if I don’t, then I’ll look ungrateful!

What a quandry!!! :-k

What the hell… I am extremly grateful for InterNachi, and everyone associated with it !!! :D;-)

Thanks InterNACHI.

Very thankful, probably would not be still in business if it weren’t for the education put together here. Thanks to all of you!

Thanks InterNACHI