Thanks Mike @ Cal Pro Inspections

This is an update to a posting I made for a Mentor/Ride along earlier this month.

I just wanted to publicly thank Mike Hazelwood at Cal Pro inspections for giving me the opportunity to spend a couple days with him in the field.

Mike - thank you again for your kindness and willingness to share some of your knowledge. I’m not surprised of your success, I’d say you have the “secret sauce” figured out…people like to work with people they like.
Thanks again I look forward to staying in contact and learning more from you as I continue down this journey.

You’re very welcome Mike (awesome name by the way).

I showed you what works for me here in my area, take and use what you want, flip it, rub some funk on it and make it your own.

Call, text or email anytime.

Good luck! !

Good people all over the map, they are getting harder to find but someone did the same to me at the beginning and I’m really grateful.