Thanks Nick and InterNachi!

Came home this afternoon and found some packages on the front porch.:smiley:

Also got my gift from my Babe… a Citizens Eco- drive watch, this thing is cool it charges itself with light, never needs a battery, and sets itself to the world atomic clock via satellite daily.:slight_smile:

That is a nice watch, I want the Citizens Eco-Drive Matt Kenseth limited edition watch, as I am a Huge Matt Kenseth fan! Looks like you made out good for Christmas this year.

I got my silver once coin and half of the plastic case, no cardboard(?) box, the package was damaged and appeared to have been repaired by (USPS?) personnel. Thanks again Nick and Everyone who contributed to the party!

We looked at that one and she wanted to get it for me because of the colors, scarlet & gray.
Yes had a great Christmas, Happy New Year!:D;-)

She was going to get me one online and I insisted that we go look at them in person, I don’t like buying a watch that doesn’t have the correct time. Well while shopping around I noticed that these Citizen watches ALL had the correct time and even the second hands were in sync! A couple of the stores that carried them had the wrong hour, then I realized the time zone was set different. Then I researched them a little bit and I was sold. While eating lunch I figured out we could get a much better deal online than at the mall. So I found the model I liked ‘hands on’ and then ordered it online.