Thanks Nick

received the books today :slight_smile:

Not the ‘give away’ thread, but it’s getting too long anyway!!!:mrgreen:

Requested 60 and received a box of 16 today with one old one (like the 100 or so I ordered a while back, with the blue covers) and 15 of the New grey covers with InteNACHI on them.

I’ll begin Marketing them to the Targets ASAP…:wink:

Trying to get a box out to everyone while our new ones are being printed. Using whatever boxes I have laying around, and just fillin’ them up. My gal in shipping hasn’t been in in almost 2 weeks, so I’ve been doing all the shipping.

Now that would be a “hot pic” Nick packing boxes for iNACHI inspectors marketing tools. :mrgreen:

Got a box from you today also, haven’t opened it yet. Guessing it’s the books, thanks.

Nick really does a lot of the shipping in the office, in between answering all his emails of course!

Also, we have never had a cleaning service for the office as long as I have worked for Nick. He cleans both the men’s and women’s bathrooms pretty good as well… He’s InterNACHI’s part time janitor :wink:

Those aren’t pics I’d want to see. :p:mrgreen:

It would really brighten your day! I’ll try to remember my camera on his next scheduled cleaning day :wink:

If you would have made it to work today, you would have discovered me scrubbing them today.

Nick does not waste money on high and fine living there at the office.
He, and the entire staff, live a frugal life and invest their time and
energy for the members. I have been there more than once to
witness this firsthand.

Thanks for taking care of the things in the office today Nick :wink:

Thanks to both of you for the hard work you do for all of us…

It certainly is appreciated…:smiley:

Thanks again Nick.


come on mike one for the request one to acknowledge receipt… or new year new post …

I second what Mike said in post # 11