Thanks Nick!!!!

I just picked up a print job I had done at Office Max. They printed and bound (spiral) fifty copies of two commercial inspection reports (50 pages each) Initial total cost was over $500!!! I whipped out my InterNACHI Office Max discount card and got almost $200 off. Unbelieveable!!!:shock::shock:

Wow, that’s an awesome discount!

I wish more members would explore and use ALL their membership benefits. Membership is essentially free or better-than-free.

I use the Office Max discount quite often

I do too, i ask for it both ways first the Nachi then my rewards , things are cheaper with the rewards card for some reason

Is there any discount for Staples?

Sharing our experience and knowledge is a powerful tool also. You make it all possible for us Nick. Thanks again!!!

For 10 years, every time I have had an ideal or opportunity INACHI always has what I need and a deal along with it.:margarit:

I have always been more than happy with the benefits that I recieve…
are you suggesting there are more???

I bet you $1000 bucks there are more.

I know you are right
and I would be foolish to take that wager

How do you get the office max card?

Here’s the link Bruce.

I use mine all of the time and get a better discount than if I had used my Rewards card.