Thanks Nick.

The T-shirt arrived today. Nice quality. Thanks again for everything.


I’m wearing mine now.

Ditto here. Thanks Nick!

Btw… have you ever considered carrying ‘Tall’ sizes, as there are many of us here that are over 5’10"?

Got mine today as well…thanks

Good idea, say no to crack (butt crack)

Is that height or waist size

Got mine yesterday. Thanks. Like better than CMI shirts.

I have a bunch of InterNachi tee shirts. I am 6’2" tall. They are great for the first dozen or so washes, butt after that, bending over, reaching overhead, etc. they always pull out (yea, professionals always tuck them in). When that begins to occur, they are then relegated to doing chores around the house where they are fully appreciated (nice arse syndrome) by the other half. :wink:


See above post.


You’ll have to request your NACHI issued underwear for that problem :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’m waiting for them to come out in the CMI variety.

I hear CMI’s aren’t in need of these… :ack:

Nice link! LOL

They have awesome products. Real clothes for real men!!3989!3!33636556081!e!!g!!duluth%20trading&ef_id=UqYumwAABCzSTTsM:20140103192258:s

One more, since Nathan mentioned them…

bwahahahahaaa!! -X

Thanks for the shirts, both Inachi & master. (I like them both)

Where’s my Shirt Nick