Thanks Sheilenna!

Hi all,

Was time for a trip to Jiffy Lube for the Inspectionmobile and I took along my InterNachi fleet discount card and presented it for my 15% off…

But! The InterNachi affiliation came up on their computer but the discount didn’t come off as it should.
I told the manager not to worry about it this time.

Uncle Nick asked Sheilenna to look into it and she jumped right on it and got the glitch taken care of, and Jiffy Lube is even sending me a 20 buck gift card to boot!

Thanks Sheilenna, Nick and Planet InterNachi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sheilenna is the best!

If any of you want the discount card, you can download it here:

Very cool. Does InterNachi offer a discount to a motor club like AAA? I think that would be cool as inspectors are always on the road.

Thanks Tom; my pleasure!

Gift card received Sheilenna with a note from a national manager noting that the glitch was fixed! :slight_smile:

Awesome! ThumbsUp

Nice. Sheilenna is always finding new ways to save InterNACHI members money.

any coupons for gentlemans clubs? :slight_smile:

Why Robert?
Do you know any gentlemen? :roll:

All that hassle to save $10?

CC, It was done for you and for all of our beloved INachi brothers and sisters!

We have 13,400+ members in North America, so every deal we do could potentially mean millions of dollars in savings for our membership.

Also, some members really use the SUPER DEALS section near the bottom of You have to register for it separately, but you can save many thousands of dollars. Basically, you should almost never pay retail prices for anything if you are an InterNACHI member. And remember, if you save $20 on something and your inspection company is on a 15% profit margin… it’s the same as going out and doing another $133 in additional business.