Thanks to Gerry Beaumont.....

I have been deployed to New Orleans again.

Ok? Enjoy?

Help me out on this one??? Did I miss something?[object Object]&pp=ZNxdm824OHUS

Sorry, Gerry posted a link awhile back that PARR was taking inspector applications, so I went to school back in March for training performing Disaster inspections for $50 a pop. 10 to 15 Minutes each, minimum 8 per day, average 16 per day. I got deployed today. Leave around Friday for N.O.

I assumed everyone knew about Parr. Sorry, can you tell I’m excited? The toilet was flushing, and I am caught in a whirlpool, so this is right on time. Please pray that I don’t get sick while I am down there. Thanks

Wow, your health has improved quite quickly. That’s good news!

Be careful down there.

No, my health is worse, but I figure if I can’t handle a touch pad screen and a camera, it will be over for sure. i am taking a chance, but I have to, I am to old to be homeless. Thanks for the kind words.

Well good luck.

I know a few guys that do them and it can be pretty stressful. Just don’t push yourself, only you know your limit.

Good luck Ken! A N-95 mask may be of help!

Hold on

I just said no to a trip to Texas until the water goes down and the power comes back one

Better to be part of the solution and part of the problem

Good luck but I see problems

Get fuel before getting into the no power zone

And take a large hand gun with extra amo

Don’t think God will helping people that are not helping each other

A must read from previous experience link
Many have lost time and money and not properly prepared for a disaster area phone, food, water, gas, clothing…
I believe our Ex-Chapter Pres. is still feeling the health effects of his deployment to Katrina states…
Best of, to you…