Thanks To Our Troops

Thanks To Our Troops Around The World

I think it is good sometimes to just stop and say “THANKS” to all of our troops around the world for their service to our country. We enjoy the blessings that have been secured for us by the unknown sacrifice of so many. As we enjoy our security, they endure the pressures of survival in many hostile regions around the world. As we sleep easy at night, they stay awake with eyes that cannot relax. As we enjoy the comfort of our families, they look at pictures and long someday to see the face of their loved ones. We forget that our country has been purchased with the blood of our troops over many generations and we should stop sometimes and “give honor to whom honor is due”.

Amen John.

I find that as the war wears on, the news about it becomes less and less important to the American people. Recently I found an article about some of our Troops dying in Iraq buried on page 9. On the front page was some inane nonsense about Anna Nicole. It’s important to remember the Troops and keep them in our prayers.

Yes lets keep supporting the troops so that they can continue to fight a war that we can never win.

Lets keep supporting them as the infrastructure of our own country falls apart because we are spending billions of dollars to help people that don’t even want us there.

Nothing against the troops but it is time that we get the hell out of there or do what needs to be done. Dust off those missiles and lets see how they work.

Your right, a limited police action against an enemy hiding with the
civilians never works. It’s hard to blow away the enemy while
you try and please everyone watching you do it on the TV.

We’re helping ourselves too. So you would just kill the innocents also ? Don’t worry we will quit again, just don’t be bitter when they come over here and kill someone you care about, just think of all the money we saved.

When working with a flawed premise, you cannot make right decisions. Failure to secure the boarders of a country, allows the support of the enemy forces with people and materials.

Example of flawed foundational decision making: 80% of Meth comes from Mexico, but now with allergy season, I have to go to crack dealers for real sudafed? Build a freaking fence! Here first, then in Iraq!


Isn’t it a shame, that people forget so soon. 911 was nothing compared to what’s coming.

Thanking our troops is the right and honorable thing to do, whatever your views on the war. Thank you, John.

One way I like to pay a good thing forward for our troops, is donate to the USO. When I was under deployment, the USO did shows and funded recreational activities; so some one donated to them back then. Just my turn.


Here are many more ways to help our troops.