Thanks to Paul Abernathy NACHI Staff is hammered

Paul sent us a nice big bottle of Jameson Whiskey :smiley: Attacking the bottle is -Nick, Lisa and myself. Nick is plastered, Lisa is tripping over her feet and… I well… we will not say what I am up to. We cracked the bottle at 10am and it will be empty in a few more hours.

Thank you Paul

Wait for a knock on the door. It’ll be Paul, inviting all of you for a game of golf; he likes to win.

When the pink elephant runs across your desk, please stop…

A few more hours?

Too long. :twisted:

When I was in my “youth”, I used to chug half a fifth of Bacardi 151. After the first few seconds your face goes numb and you don’t notice how much is going down your shirt, but that’s okay. :wink:

I dare anyone to try to drink me under the table. I have the perfect mix of Scottish and Irish blood that allows me to drink for hours straight. That’s why I quit. :wink:

Isn’t it a work day? ;):twisted:

Jameson! He Sent you Jameson?

What do you expect from a hillbilly like Paul?

He should have sent you the good stuff.


What to heck does a Baptist Master Sparky know?

Next time, trust an Irish Jew.

As always. I really hope this helps.

But, evidently, not with your heads, right now. :mrgreen:

They’re using Nick’s head as a bowling ball right now. But it keeps rolling crooked because of his combover.:twisted:

Now, that’s just plain mean, Wendy.



Everyone else tells jokes about Nick’s hair. :frowning:

I thought it was funny. SNIFF

I think Nick is sexy. I wouldn’t ever say anything mean about him.

Any HOT PICS of this social gathering?

We’re sober today and back to work.

lol…William…that WAS the good stuff…freakin AGED 18 years before they bottled it…:slight_smile:

I wish Jamison was available in VA…I ordered that from a company in New York who specializes in importing spirits…

Glad you all enjoyed it…:slight_smile:

Paul, I like Jameson so much it’s my daughter’s middle name! Thanks again :wink:

I hear ya…glad you enjoyed it…

It is a good thing I was not drinking when my son was born…otherwise he might be named Zach " Grey Goose" Abernathy…:slight_smile: