Thanks to Roy Cooke Sr.!

I had the pleasure of spending some of the weekend in Brighton On., with quite a character. At 76 years young Roy can pretty much keep up with most of us. Roy and his wife, Char, opended their home to us for what I would describe as a “they don’t teach this stuff in school” 101.
The knowledge alone was great, but the one liners, the quick wit and the zest for customer service was inspiring. Roy enjoys what he does, that’s obvious. But to open his home and his treasure chest of experience; who does this? He asked for nothing in return other than our desire to learn and grow. So Roy and Char, many thanks.

Your friend,


Roy has been helping InterNACHI members for years.

That is a Fact Nick. :slight_smile:


You set the bar quite high and I congradulate you for it!

Would have liked to join but maybe another time,

Thank you just the same!

Merci. Parole de Marc-Andre.:slight_smile:

We are blessed to be surounded by ‘‘top of the line’’ inspectors. Guys like Roy, Marcel Cyr and Marcel Gratton knows a tone of stuff and are always willing to help

isint NACHI great!!!

Thanks mark for your kind Words . This group where so enthusiastic it was easy.
I Give what Info I can and others add and the discussions end up self feeding .
Me being a motor mouth I spill as much as I can , Char and I enjoy people
and are happy how nice it went .
We used Skip’s and our house to show our way of doing an inspection.
I am glad you and others came and we where able to add to your education .
Thanks , Skip,Char and Roy Cooke ,

[FONT=Verdana]I must agree with Mark on everything. This was a weekend to remember and with a person who has more knowledge about home inspections then I may ever know, but one day hope too. Thanks to Roy and Char for allowing us to share a day with them and to Chip for allowing us the use of his house for this learning experience

Roy Cooke.
I thank you for the hastened meeting with you Friday evening.
I was amazed by your volume of home inspection knowledge. I hope all that attended enjoyed Roy astounding memory recall and in-depth ability to comb through Home Inspections and pick out fine detail that one needs to be above average with this skill and leap forward above others practicing this very profession, trade, and or business.
Hats off to Mr,Cooke.
I myself cannot wait until the next time we meet and hope other InterNACHI members follow in Mr. Cooke’s footsteps and aid members, Junior and Senior INACHI members alike, to advance and continue educating themselves and others along this great journey of Inspecting Residential Buildings and property.
Thanks Roy.
Robert Young
Your the king.:slight_smile:
PS It is extremely unfortunate that I had to missed everyone and was called back to Montreal Friday evening. I gave up 1 inspection but could not turn down another. Sorry.
I was looking worward to seeing other inspectors like myself that can not get enough information and are seeking out the best inspectors to learn from like Mr.Roy Cooke.
Marc Ellison.
I was particularly looking forward to meeting you.
You posted your enthusiasm about the inspection at Roy’s and were hoping I could attend.
I am sorry InterNACHI brother but will promise to call you if you leave me your home number. I will be happy to introduce myself to you and carry and informal meeting any time by phone and one day soon in person.
I am happy to see everyone joyed themselves.
Thanks Roy.Cooke.
You are the king mate.
The king of mentoring InterNACHI brothers and sisters.
Hats off to you Roy Cooke.:slight_smile:

This was great for Roy and Skip to entertain for newbie inspectors. Without a doubt, everyone learned something!

By the way, is it true that when inspecting a home owned by an electrician, one must look twice at the electrical?

My experience tell me, yes…


Funny you should say that Marcel!!:shock:

I did not find that funny. I know Roy personally and he is more than qualified to digest any problem and deficiency in any home besides the electrical.
I am glad that others have absorbed all the knowledge that Roy is so grateful in sharing with all.
Wish I could have been there to learn a few tricks myself. :slight_smile:

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Marcel with the 2 of you there it would have had to be a week long seminar to allow everyone time to consume a partial amount of information the 2 of you have to offer.
Marcel your name comes up often when I talk to Roy. The both of you have mutual respect for each others intelligence. You both grace the Inspection communaty with you endless contributions to aid others.
Dam it would be a seminar in itself.:slight_smile: HA HA HA
Still snowing in your part of the world Marcel?
As for Mr.Gratton’s little …misstep.
It is hard to get a handle on interpreting the french language into a practical English translation.
I am sure he meant no harm by it Marcel. Marc, and Roy. I am sure he did not mean to offend nor cause any waves.
It was an attempt at a joke through translation. Sometimes it works and other times it backfires.

I had just put in two new hanging lamps and To make sure I had No air leaks to the attic I foamed the outlet boxes .
I was short two Oct. box covers in the attic.
I expect my home has things many Homies seldom see . From constant hot water at the Taps to a robot Vacuum and a robot Lawn mower to automatic outside lights and Xmas lights around the outside fence to 4 satellite dishes to automatic water to the garden to steel roofing mounted under my Closed in deck to 200 plus plants in my green house to a water powered back up sump pump to a dewatering well outside the home ,and the same wife for 56 years . That is just a start .

"I did not find that funny. I know Roy personally and he is more than qualified to digest any problem and deficiency in any home besides the electrical."

I agree. It is unfortunate that some cannot leave there personal animosities behind them just for a little while.:roll:

And to be accurate, Roy helps far more than just NACHI members.

Well said George and
Thanks Robert, and I am just glad that others were able to take advantage of such and experience at no cost and just shows the dedication to help others as Roy did.
Inachi dedication at it’s best. :slight_smile:

It OK George I find it humorous .
A big thanks to those who have supported me over the years .

Marcel, George, Mr.Gratton, and others that can give help and confidence, experience and education to members learning this fine craft, the challenge is out to you now.
Its the start of the 2011 season and no better way to spread seed than teach what you know.
Lets see if this can be the start to a new InterNACHI mentoring board of furthering education, a division of InterNACHI that pushes the boundaries even further by committing CMI InterNACHI members to mentor students to gain credits.
Some one must be on board here ?
Roy, Marcel talk to Nick and see what can be done. I will give my hand when ready. Others will also. Lets start this 2011 year off as the InterNACHI year of education and mentoring.
Thoughts please.

Cheer up George,

Nothing personal was meant here.

By the way, did anyone noted if that metal roof was grounded or have any pics of defects to share…


And neither did I, it was a serious question!

Marcel Gratton by instigating bad judgment sometimes is infectious.
Old blood has moved to the back seat of the bus.
We all look for members to carry greater standards of practice when they become senior members and others look to them for direction. Remember my missteps at the onset of my new journey?
So to carry something as trivial to me, that should have been kept quite for an explanation was given that sufficed everyone’s curiosity, you in-turn come charging back on the defensive.
As explaned the old pattens are gone and new attitudes are taken by ALL PARTIES to leave well enough alone. Its all in the past.
Lets just move on and others will follow to a better understanding that we are all personalities at InterNACHI.
Thank you.
Robert Young.