Thanks to Roy Cooke Sr.!

No insulations allowed in electrical boxes.

In Moncton, 1988 or 89, what I found in a house inspection eventually helped put a franchise “airsealing” company out of business. Their technique to stop air leakage at receptacle, switch and octogon boxes installed in exterior walls was to fill the box with expanding polyurethane foam…great airseal practice but AGAINST THE CODE!

I phoned the local elect. inspector at 8 PM at home that night… got him up from watching a Yankees playoff game (he was a Yankee fan). Explained what I had found and he verified it at the house first thing the next morning. He went directly the the franchise office, demanded their sales records under threat of calling in the police and then verified that this was repeated standard procedure in a few more homes!

He then wrote a letter demanding that licensed electricians be hired to remove all foamed boxes in past homes serviced and replace them with new clean boxes!! Within the month, the company was out of business!!

I always take a few electrical switch/recept covers off, especially on winter prevailing wind walls, to see if fiberglass or foam insulation has been placed in the boxes to stop air leakage…every couple years find some. Last one was an expensive year round “cottage” (much bigger than my home) on the ocean owned by a biotech startup “angel” stock investor.

So yes Brain you make a point.
To instigate I bet, but hold out hope its nothing but a heads up.
My Cooke did not fill the boxes with foam.
It would have been kinder to congratulate his training fellow InterNACHI members of witch you are NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!
So dead air from you sir.

It is so unfortunate that some turn some thing good ***
into a P issing mach .
Marcel is a director of and a NCA Holder .
It is unfortunate that these self appointed people who want to have control of the Canadian Home Inspection industry seem to attack many who do not agree with their policies.
Mr. Graton and others has constantly tried to undermine posts on the NACHI site .
They tend to get a little Information and try to make others look bad.
No one mentioned Metal roofs no one mentioned filling a junction box with Foam.
I being a retired electrician just might know a lot more then another
self*** appointed NCA expert from the East coast who also shows his jealousy constantly on the NACHI site .
I see no advantage to our industry for these attacks on many who continue to help our industry.

Roy I pray they do not teach others the examples that they leave on the MB.
It is a wonder how men such as these proclaim THEY can offer and set higher standards then others.
YET time and time again they show what LITTLE VALUE they truly have to offer the home inspection community…
Let they whom are guilty cast the first stone.
Shame on you for belittling such a proud, self-invested, community mentoring, InterNACHI BROTHER.
Your names will be carried in the home inspection business “long after your have turned to dust.”
There is no time like the present to open you minds and apologies to ALL for being disruptive and turn over a new leaf.
Mr.Gratton every time I think of reaching out to see whom you really are, I am set back 10 steps by your obvious lack of respect to anyone that does not think your way and your obvious short comings reading posts.
As the leader of PHPIC and NCI card holder, you are setting bad example to all that want to place a higher standard of practice into this home inspection field and to your association brothers and sisters the NAT. and PHPIC as a whole.
Is it any wonder that people like myself looking for value and truth get mixed messages when looking for VALID EXAMPLE OF WHY I SHOULD JOIN YOUR ASSOCIATION OR THE NATIONAL.
Think about it.
Thank you
Robert Young

Your visible character flaw is narcissism.
Instead of helping the company learn through enlightening them on there " possible flaws " you brag how you took a business away from an entrepreneur.
Geez Louise I hope they had enough compassion to forgive you. That act took away food from the mouths of the family along with the dignity a man has by running his own business and being self reliant.
I do not know the full story but to say a better tact should have been taken in my opinion.
** And no use commenting on it Brain. I will not listen to your rantings.**
You could have told them to fix the underling alignments THE company needed for direction but instead decided to POWER TRIP.
Great thinkers and scalars recognize that openness and understanding facilitates a greater reward at the end.
Its the truth and knowledge of the subject at hand that is the greatest reward…

Mr Cyr,

please don’t take offense. This was an inside joke between me and Roy. I have nothing but respect for Roy, and you too for that matter, based on your posts. I consider Roy a friend. I’m not clear on how my one liner got taken so badly. While at Roy’s and his partner Skip’s this weekend we saw a few open junction boxes at both homes. I joked with Roy how electrican’s homes have the most “issues” because they know what they can get away with. No offense was intended. I still think it’s funny and I think Roy does too. I was simply thinking of that old saying about the Cobbler’s children not having any shoes, and I think that is what Mr. Gratton meant also.

I’m sorry if it was taken the wrong way.


Marc. My interpretation to this event did not implacte you in the least. On the contrary Marc. You opened up the Canadian message board with the dignity one should offer a fellow human being after they invite you to there home for education.
Please no offense was taken by Marcel Cyr. He is a man that has the ability to see what direction the wind is blowing from.
Did not mean to speak on your behalf Marcel.
You are the last person at InterNACHI that needs others to defend you.
Still snow on the ground Marcel? Just a sprinkling here and there in Montreal.
Dam Roy had bulbs coming up in his front yard.
I hope his automatic robotic lawn mower does not cut them down. HA HA HA.
Char will have his head on a stick.
Just kidding Roy.
You 2 are the perfect couple. I could only be so lucky.

It was not clear where the foam was applied! As I mentioned, I have found various insulations stuffed or sprayed into electrical boxes!

This board is open to the public and has many students/newbies. If they pick up and apply this to their own homes, what was accomplished? I feel the statement needed comment so that a practice that increased the fire risk in homes is not learned from a home inspectors’ website.

A "professional " franchised airsealing company did the work so it was repeated in hundreds, if not thousands of homes (10, 20, 30 times per home) creating a potential fire hazard in every box it was applied into.

My job was not to be the enforcer but to ensure that the practice was halted…hence the call to the electrical inspector- he has the jurisdiction. His call was to have it removed by licensed electricians. If the company did not have the resources to do this then they should be out of business…they created the problem by being less than professional!!.. Or should they have sent the close to minimum wage foam installers back to do the electrical replacements required by removing electrical devices, undoing wires, removing boxes, etc etc? YOUR CHOICE!!

Mark, I was agreeing with your statement in an arogant way aimed towards your quote, not you.

All is good. I have a lot of respect for Roy. I don’t like people putting him down. :slight_smile:

I exchanged emails with Roy this morning. I didn’t know there was history there.:wink:

See Brian that’s your problem.
You can not say positive things to a member that GOES MILES ABOVE YOUR WORLD MATE.

Thanks for watching my MESSAGE BOARD BRIAN.
Funny I pay for the privilege and you for free are helping all the new comers.
Is there no end to your love of yourself.
Save me from Brian Mc,Nash.
Some one please.
Good book to read Brian. I read it 40 years ago for a class in theology.
Narcissus and Goldmund.Good read.
I do not think anyone needs saving here Brian . Thanks but its OK.
We can all live without your input.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Roy and Char Cooke for over a decade. Two fine people, who you would want as friends and neighbours.

As to Roy he has been a steadfast friend, always willing to pitch in and help.

Roy was instrumental in helping Nick get a foot hold in Barrie with the first Nachi meeting being held at Georgian College located in Barrie Ontario many years ago.

We should all take a page from Cookes book on how to be a friend, helpful and professional.

Good on ya Roy! Its nice to read your peers giving you adulation which are richly deserved.

Best wishes and continued success!

Your buddy Ray.

Please excuse me Marc and Roy for getting off topic.
I will start a thread on the general delusion section for you BrianMc.N.
And anyone else that want to blow out the candles on Mr.Cookes birthday cake ( so to speck ) with there negativity.
Great work Mr.Cooke.
I enjoy your work here at the InterNACHI and say you have been the main reason I have gained a greater understanding and insight into this great industry “Home Inspections” along with INACHI being my main backdrop.:slight_smile:
Cheers to both of you.

OHHHH!..Robert…You’re so-o-o-o funny!!

Just to be fare here Marcel Gratton made me aware of what is maybe a mistake on my part.
I will clear the air and dismiss any negative issues I have mentioned and wish all the best.:slight_smile:
Thanks Robert Young.
But Brian is another story. HA HA HA HA

Hope you like your gift mate.

Years ago, I was late to one of the first talks I was scheduled to give to home inspectors in Toronto. No matter, Roy covered for me, was on stage, and was giving an excellent talk on marketing when I got there. Tough act to follow.

Nick he speaks of this often He says it with Pride.
His meeting you for the first time and first time in front of the public on stage. He is a great story teller.
This is a man I respect and admire more than most people know.
His obvious love of the industry and his love or teaching overwhelms me, as he does to everyone, through mentoring or helping on the MB…
So I say with pride I know this man and have had the pleasure of specking and meeting him and I am a better man for it.
When he speaks of you Nick he speaks with the respect you deserve and acknowladges you great accomplishments in the industry.
I am not sucking up, I am pointing out hard based fact and evidence I have witnessed.
Thanks Nick for giving us this great gift called INACHI and for members like Roy Cooke.
Night all.