Thanks to the following people

A few days ago I asked a question about HVAC for a clinic that I was inspecting, where my principal was sure there was a hole in the system.

Several people wrote with positive suggestions: Darren Spencer, Timothy Race, Wayne Wilson, Scott Frakes, Andrew Griffin, without critizing either my position as an inspector for this particular situation, or my lack of knowledge on the subject.

I thank all of the above, and especially Wayne Wilson who ended up being right: his suggestion was that the dampers might be acting up. Well, one of them was.

I climbed to the roof (lots of snow up there) with an HVAC fellow from my principal’s group, and found that a closed damper was partially open (some of the vanes were).

As a bonus, during the inspection I found a leak in the metal roof that must have been there for some time, as the structural member under the metal was already impacted by it. This allowed me to insert a recommendation for inspection of the roof.

So, Wayne Wilson et al, thank you very much…- Arnold

Good stuff. Thanks for the update.

Awesome! There’s a bunch of people on here that deserve a lot more thanks and praise for their vast knowledge and helpfulness everyday. I sincerely appreciate them and the time they take to help out. Kudos.

Thanks for the update and feedback!

Good post Arnold

Wow someone actually took the time to say thank you! I am on three forums and inspectors and lay people ask questions, but very few take the time to say ‘thank you!’

How refreshing is that? In this day and age where manners seem to be in short supply it sure is refreshing.


Thanks Arnold for the update, glad you found the problem.
I had similar problems on my old job , cracked dampers , or out of adjustment can go not noticed . Take care keep on what you doing ask if you need help . there is no one on the Message board that can not learn . We see something new and learn something new every day if we didn’t it would be a wasted day.