Thanks Wayne and Steve

Wayne Bertsch and Steve Taylor went up against some of the biggest lobbyist and powers in the state and won.

Great job!!!

No more repairs for contractors that inspect the house.

Keep up the good work.

Boooo. You just screwed many Home inspectors who are qualified to do both.

Actually we just protected the Florida consumer. A true home inspector knows that they were not screwed. Anyone that claims to be a home inspector that has been screwed by this is a conman and not a home inspector.

I do not see it as protecting the consumer as much as protecting the profession. It eliminates or significantly deters the appears of collusion or a conflict of interest thus making our profession appear, well, more professional and unbiased.

Wayne and Steve are top notch guys with a great passion for the industry and God knows, as much as I hate to say it, it looks as if Zoe and Fl NACHI has done a good job in this area as well.

My gratitude goes to all of those who have vigorously and passionately defended our profession.

Yes it protects the professions prices in the opinion of those who only have the qualifications to hold one license. Many Home Inspectors wrongly believe that Professional Contractors will do home inspections for a reduced price in hope to have the right to bid on work. That is the worst possible way to try to win A job I can think of. I guess if you have no real qualifications you would be in favor of holding back anyone who may compete with you by any means necessary even if it stops professionals from providing other services they are qualified and licensed to do. I believe in individuals competing on their own merit and not holding others back in hopes of keeping them out of the competition.

Michael, I do understand your frustrations. I also see your point of view. You have to stop and this of some of the things you said.

THE WORST POSSBILE WAY TO GET A JOB IS TO DO AN INSPECTION. That is your point of view, but not many others. Look around, there is no such thing as tradesmen anymore they are ALL SALESMEN! I do not know of an AC, Plumber, roofer, or any other tradesman that does not get a cut of the “upsales” of the items anymore. So it is in their benefit to get as much money out of each customer as they can wether it be ways of honest or dishonest means.

The world would be awesome if everyone is honest and ethical. But that is NOT the case, so provisions were made to try and eliminate this. I know from your point of view it sucks, but from mine as a home inspector it raises the comfort level of my clients and the sellers of a home that my finding are unbiased without exception because I do not and lawfully cannot do repair work on homes I inspect.

All I see is it holds those qualified to offer more to their clients back and takes away our rights to offer all we are qualified to do.

I will say as always I do not do that type of work but there are those who may wish to. I declined the offer to find and fix all problems in a home of a client yesterday.

Good job.

If only we could do this in SSM On.
There are now listed contractors that have decided to do inspections.
Part of this is Mr. Mike homes fault. He decided to endorse a 2 year schooling for contractors to learn to become HI.
I too could make a bundle recommending demolition of some of the buildings I have inspected. I also could make good money overseeing the work that is done on the homes and buildings that I have inspected and become just like Mr Holmes.
I have had contractors fallow me on inspections and say things that have shocked me as to the lack of their knowledge.
It really is not there fault as we all it all stems from the greedy governments, the codes and lack of knowledge that has created the mess.:frowning:

Thanks to Greg Bell for all his time and money to help get this accomplished as well as to Steve, Wayne and FLNachi …EXCELLANT

No more conspectors??


You guys are great!

Great job!

This helps to protect ALL of us.

Not all contractors are as smart as you are;-).

Along those same lines, the very contractors that are offering loss leader inspections or free inspections are doing it with the very intention of limiting their competition- both for the inspection- as well as for the repair work that they are trying to gain.

Gentlemen, even though the bills have passed the legislature, they have not been signed by the Governor into law yet. Even if and when he signs the bills, our fight is not over. We still have much work to do next year.

I say do not worry about it. Steve you have worked hard enough. Everyone just go out and celebrate. Just chill :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who helped in the fight.
Mike, if you are so determined to be able to do repairs and inspections why not find another contractor/inspector and come to an agreement. You refer your inspected clients who need repairs to him and let him do the same for you. That will solve your problem with making money and also might give us a rest on the message boards from having to put up with your incessant whining.

I do not want or need to.

I am against it because it screws some of our most qualified members from doing what they are qualified and legally allowed to do.

It is only there to protect Home Inspectors from a make believe threat. :slight_smile:

Mike, if you do not want or need to then stop ******** about it.


I just did two housing re-habs that contractors fixed up. They had to inspect them first t know what to fix. One house needed a new roof. they actually enclosed a room for my client and replaced the entire flat roof, but left the shingle roof alone. it was about 17 years old, shingles were brittle, curled, and there were multiple improper repairs that they did on the roof. The other house needed exterior GFCI outlets, had multiple missing grounds and other minor problems. So once again, tell me how contractors make the best inspectors?

As soon as you all stop trying to screw our most qualified members i will be glad to :slight_smile:

Just because something is not personally affecting me does not make it right.