Thanks Wayne and Steve

Mike, just because you have a gc license does not make a person “one of the most qualified members” some gc’s don’t even recognize or know what a TPR valve is. A piece of paper (license) means nothing, you even said so yourself.
Now will someone please take his soapbox and burn it.
Oh, here’s a suggestion for you Mike, start a thread about gc’s should be able to do repairs on homes they inspect and whenever you feel the urge to write that go do it on that section of the message board. I as pretty certain nobody will miss your whining and complaining on the rest of the boards.

Bla Bla Bla oh I mean ba ba ba.

Wow Mr. Kahn, A GC that does not know what a TPR valve is! He must use sky hooks to hang ceiling tiles tooooo.

great job guys…

work on that termite thingy… will ya