Thanks Will Decker

I got a referral today from Will. I will be doing before and after IR imaging for America’s Ugliest Door Contest. Website can be seen here :cool:

Glad to do it, Linus.

They tried to low ball me (hope you didn’t let them do it to you).

Besides, you were closer.

NACHI helping NACHI, it’s a wonderful thing.

We agreed on $300.

I wanted $375 (standard for just a thermal inspection, not a home inspection). Was it $300 per visit (she wanted two visits) or $300 for both?

Take it. You can use it as a marketing blurb on your website.

I charge an hourly fee of $150 with a 1 hour minimum. It won’t take any more than 15 minutes per visit to snap a few IR photos of a door. No report just a few pics. It’s a 20 minute drive from home.