Thanksgiving Prayer

I wanted to share with you something that my 11 year old daughter wrote last week.

Thanksgiving Prayer

By Kaitlin Mettel

Thank you God

For the food on our tables

And the roof over our heads,

For the bright warm fires

And our little cozy beds.

For the love that we share

With our family and friends,

**For the less fortunate people **

And all of the food that we send.

We know all of this means that

Thanksgiving is here,

**With the pretty fall colours **

**And the cool crisp air. **

For this time when we all come together,

In peace – let us pray

for all the good times we share

On this Thanksgiving Day!


I would like to extend to you and your families a very Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Am I right in assuming that today is Thanksgiving in Canada?

In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October, due to the shorter growing season up here than in the US.


Happy Thanksgiving Day Christian.

Nice poem too


Thanks Mic,

I am quite proud of my daughter for this poem. She usually isn’t so eloquent.


Very nice. Your daughter did a great job. You both should feel proud.

Gotcha!:wink: Happy Thanksgiving and a very beautiful poem also.

very nice

Time to put the bird in the oven!

Turkey and ham seem to be plates of the day here, what do you guys have as favorites.