Thanksgiving Trivia Question

As of 2001, what was the largest weight recorded for a completely plucked, gutted, and ready for the oven Turkey. Hint: The Turkey was named “Tyson” after the heavyweight fighter.

a. 52.5 lbs.
b. 98.6 lbs.
c. 86.0 lbs.
d. 106.8 lbs.

I don’t know but I’m getting full just thinking about it.


I believe it was (A). The largest live Turkey this year is 72 lbs.

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**Thanksgiving Factoid
**The Guinness Book of Records notes that the largest weight recorded for a turkey is 86 lbs. The oversized bird was weighed at a “heaviest turkey competition” in London, England in 1989.

I think John tricked us again.
Was the heaviest on record live weight or as John asked in the question?
(largest weight recorded for a completely plucked, gutted, and ready for the oven Turkey.)

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The largest recorded turkey was actually a huge male bird that weighed 86 pounds when plucked, cleaned, and ready for the oven. It was called “Tyson” (presumably after the muscular prizefighter) and raised in the UK by Leacroft Turkeys Limited. Tyson won the London heaviest turkey competition in 1989 and then was sold in a charity auction for $7,428. There’s no word on his whereabouts today.
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They should have stuffed that one and mounted it. ha. ha.

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I’m still trying to figure out which is the biggest Turkey…

Dave; Are you talking about the bald headed turkey wearing snickers? ha. ha.
I don’t think you would hold that turkey by the legs. :mrgreen:

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