That must be why that dharris guy spends sooooooooo much time here. Can't get your fi

Heck I come here to see juicy stuff, stuff like who’s gonna blow up who, who got screwed by Nicki or who did Nickey screw over, and keep in touch to make sure I don’t spend my $s with any new vender’s that promote this unprofessionalism/ public embarrassment of OUR profession.

I go the ASHI BB, TIJ and InspectionNews to get quality and accurate HI information.

Rest assured, with a few exceptions of posts by Jeff.P , Joe H and a couple others I DO not get anything of value that may help my business

If I want to keep up on new marketing ideas I go to RRs professional site.

Truth is, I spend more time reading e-mails sent to me from the nachi members only, the latest one on the Chicago chapter is a good one where your resident IR specialist [on womems boobs:roll: ] self proclaimed expert on everything , and wanta be CMI ,that has less than 200 inspections,
is taking over and dividing the chapter…
Another interesting thing is seeing the comment how members that start a chapter were screwed out of $ from nickey seems to be a common trend…:roll: :roll:

Like sanatized, envious pissing and moaning about NACHI’s practices? And all those good tech thread questions that do not get answered by real experts (like master electricians)? And the overall inactivity those networks have?

Yea right… Master electricans … is that like nachi certified master inspectors and nachi approved ce vender’s :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The truth is information is provided by some the the most nationally recognized experts in the country, experts that will put any nickey certified master inspector to shame, many of these professionals wrote the electrical and national building codes.
The real experts on the other boards don’t have to convince others how great they are or brag about their qualificiations.

I must say Dan you are fighting a loosing battle. NACHI folks are getting more and more while ASHI is loosing there ***. I am glad I belong to none of the BS.:smiley:

It is always interesting to me when the guys, who don’t belong, don’t believe in, don’t seem to care about the health of the H/I industry are the loudest and ugliest when it comes to messages on the board.
I wonder why these “know all” and “be all” so called H/I’s have the time and energy to try to destroy rather than build, improve, support. I suspect their reputations preceed them and any viable organization probably tries to keep them out, rather than inviting them in. I suspect these individuals are considered to be somewhat of a “Trojan Horse” of the Industry.
I’ve long since gotten over the few that continue to spew their venom. I sometimes respond to their latest post, just to practice on my keyboard

Perhaps considered more as a “Trojan”…(with a reservoir tip):wink: .

Again, typical ASHI comment, spouting praise till the very end, what a shame!

Why are you so bitter and angry? Why don’t you get some professional help? Until then, stay the hell out of here you ***.

lol…Glad I am of no help to you fella…lol

Frankly a load of horse SHI*…I for one answer anyones questions be it here or over at TIJ…so leave the master electricians out of it…you ask me a question you will get an answer…POINT BLANK

Very much appreciated.

Also, much thanks to Speedy Pete and Greg Fretwell, two fine men who contribute as non-members.

the guys that come in from other associations just dont get that we do this for YOU all…we get no pay from it…so while other associations are great and all that…do they have the volunteers who come and try to help people…for hours on end…?..I don’t know…honestly I am asking.

No disrespect to you Dan…but don’t LUMP some of us educators in with the NORMAL crowd…and it is no PAT on the back session here…MANY give their time to help members and it has NOTHING to do with NICK…personally I have NEVER met the man…I help members because NACHI members are the BEST…PERIOD…

I like the guys, they are not stuck up and they generally want the help and want to learn…the day they don’t care to learn is the day I move on…

Hell Greg Fretwell has been here WAY longer than me…the man is a WEALTH of information…MARC is also…Speedy is also…just a great bunch of guys coming to help the members…to be frank they dont need electricians here with people like Thomas and Jeff and other members who have a AWESOME grasp of electrical knowledge…man I simply LOVE to see it…simply LOVE IT

This is what this board is all about…atleast thats my opinion of it anyway.

But it’s all good brother…no worries…You can be a hater fella…I stopped caring if people liked me a LONG time ago…theheheheheh