"That roof is perfect..."

The seller and the association for this building just swear that this roof is perfect. I’d hate to see what they think IS a problem. And the patching/paint work on the ceiling (directly under the “cosmetic” roof damage) is just cosmetic as well. That crazy inspector…

A perfect mess!! I am sure they will like the perfect cost of replacement as well.:shock: I am sure the concealed roof structure is an issue as well. Flat roof in a hot area, not a good choice of coverings.

You ruined a perfectly good sale. :mrgreen:

I know, it’s horrible. Unfortunately torch applied modified is the predominate flat roofing material down here. There are always issues…and sellers are always hiding leaks. I can’t possibly imagine that this thing is not leaking as they claim, though no moisture was detected surprisingly enough. Then again the seller claimed to me that they are selling after 9 months because of noise complaints related to their miniature chihuahuas, and claimed to the seller that it was because they want a larger place. Never ceases to amaze me…

The roof is perfect…perfectly bleeped that is.

Wow, that’s bad.

Down where?

It would be perfect for them if they can move out.

A variation of “It looks good from my house”:slight_smile:

Just another deal killer . what is wrong with that. a Little tar and caulking will fix that .loolol

Wayne stop giving out hack advice :wink: you know the fix is “handy man in a can” spray sealer…

LOl I forgot the advances that had been made your right i am sorry . it has been a long time i seen that commercial of the bottom cut of the boat.lol;-)