That was fun.

**Congratulations! You’ve passed this exam with a final score of 93!

I am dissapointed as I useally get a 97 or above. Nice work Gerry.:smiley:

Probably got a few deductions for spelling.
disappointed and usually.:slight_smile: Just kidding around with you Todd!

Nonmembers always get rated lower.

Jeez…I got negative feedback for my remark…whats up with that!

Most likely for mentioning my name on this board.:wink:

Made it to 2 greenies.:shock:

LOL.I am done with all of that.:smiley: If you disagree with the ESOP and the methods they use SAY SOMTHING!

and again…and again…and again…and

Kisses James.:mrgreen:

Todays PM from James. Hmmmm.

				 					[James H. Bushart](


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Are you as amazed as I am as to how little people seem to care in joining you and your homosexual buddy in attacking me and the ESOP.

It’s not like the old days, when you guys would all pile on have a majority on the board — not that it ever mattered.:grin:

Remember last summer when Kirk left the board and no one cared…and you kept posting as to how you were speaking to him on the phone and he was going to annonce his resignation…and STILL no one cared? There are a whole bunch of us just laughing out butts off at you guys trying to breathe life into your dying cause. It’s over, Todd. Only a small handful of malcontents left. Soon, all of you will be on the outside looking in.

NACHI is no longer the acceptable target of abuse and those who support it are no longer that easy to ridicule. I suppose you are finding that out.

Even the head NONACHI himself, Morrison, is going out of business and moving to Mexico. NACHI outlives all of its critics.

LOL…thanks for the laughs Todd.

Methinks James seriously overestimates the number of buddies he has supporting his dog in this fight.

One of us does, Jeff. My bet is that it is you and Todd.:wink:

It is some funny stuff indeed; malcontents, homosexuals, and making it sound like Jim Morrison is loosing his biz and must flee to Mexico.

However, I am sure James and the rest of the ESOP has a lot of support, and you can see from his PM what they’re intent is…

I suppose that is why someone left me the note above with a greenie. I guess “they” have people worried about speaking up when they disagree with some of the things going on within NACHI, and that is understandable I guess.

It reminds me of something someone said back in 2001.
’You are either with us or against us’

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
…and again…and again…and again…and again …and

Got my doubts MFJ.

Everytime I disagree with you, I get more greens. Odd how that works since you have so many supporters eh?

It does seem kinda funny as I have 13 greenies for that one post. LOL. 13 greenies x 4 and for some reason x 3 or 2?:neutral:

I wonder how many points I need for three greenie boxes?

Damn, how many points does one need to get that third box?