The #1 thing you need to accomplish to eventually sell your inspection company.

The #1 thing you need to accomplish to eventually sell your inspection company…


As absurd as that sounds on the surface, it’s really what you have to do. You have to get your inspection company as close as possible to the point of not really needing you.

At that point… you have an inspection company worth buying.

Well said and so true.

Interesting Nick.

Good point

That’s why have chosen the multi inspector model, and use ISN to track all of our inspections. We actually have a list of recurring customers. Some call us every week. I think the data in ISN is the real value when someone does want to buy a home inspection company.


I’m already irrelevant. Just ask my teenagers!! :|.)

I do agree.

As I’ve posted before:
There was a guy several hours North of me trying to sell his Home Inspection Business. And he had a price laid out based on his business income.

But upon looking at his business, it was all him. His logo was his face. His website was all about him, with pictures of him. So while he had a great site, great logo, and a great business, I had to wonder what exactly did he have to sell? How many of his repeat clients, referrals, and such are still going to call once he removes himself from the business? So I don’t think net income really played into worth.

But that said, that’s not my plan. My business is adding a personal touch.

Home buying is an emotional journey for people, and I think people like dealing with an inspector who is a person. Too many inspector websites are cold and impersonal.

I love being a home inspector, and I want my clients to know that.

I also have zero plans of selling my business any time soon. Maybe in 10-15 years my kids will join on and they can eventually take over. Or maybe not. And if that makes my business un-sellable, so be it.

how does one put a value on a business like home inspections?

Do you figure it would be best that the satisfied clients don’t include the name of the inspector but the name of the business when posting an online review?


I made 5K the first 7 days of April. I made the mistake of putting my face on my website when I started and now I’m finding it hard to remove it just for the simple reason I wonder if people will call as much as they do if they don’t see my face. I would love to remove so I can sell for good money one day.

Convert it!..

How funny you did that as my first thought was Col Sanders and being a cartoon.
Personally I find the subject a little off base as being a HI to me is like being a Doctor.
The business is you and you make money in private practice but better do good enough to make a profit and invest it in something else.
There are only so many suckers willing to pay franchise fees or buy a running Inspection business.

The thrill of this business is doing it yourself and buying a running Inspection company is cheating yourself of the thrill.
There are much better places to invest if just looking for pure profit.

How do you know you wouldn’t have made 10K if your face wasn’t there? :wink:

If there’s anything I know with out a shadow of a doubt, it’s that your business is not going to suffer if you take your face of your website.

So what would you guys put in place of my face picture on my website?

A PIC depicting as many reasons to hire you as possible. Perhaps an action shot of you using your IR camera on an electric panel pointing to the screen as if you were explaining something to your client. PICs like that normally have to be very staged and even photoshopped up. Put some work into it. Consumers only give you 5 seconds to assure them they’ve found the right inspector. One PIC… the right PIC… can do that for you.

Yes, the PIC is still of you, but it’s really about them and gives them a taste of what they are going to get by hiring your company.

I agree with Nick, but even blank space would be better. Your face is the first thing I see and takes up all the space on my mobile screen which makes zero sense.

Billy, you should put MY face on your website.

Don’t you want a really handsome guy representing your business?? :mrgreen: