The 13th Annual WIND Conference

Anyone affiliated with this? Is anyone going to the conference? Would it be beneficial for inspectors to attend?

77 Views and not a peep? No one heard of this or familiar with it? Bummer

Peep. :slight_smile:

I have never heard of it. Sorry.

This conference if for Insurance Adjusters. You should’nt get much out of it as far as inspections, but a wealth of knowledge for insurance coverages. Hope this helped.

not really that much for average HI, IMO. If you are interested and qualified and not a felon, you may consider their Wind Umpire program if you think you can do expert testimony but not much demand for it. They send out lists of umpires to judges/attorneys.

A chance to network with insurance folks may be worthwhile but they rarely contract services out of their approved network.

It looks like something possibly for adjusters and ins agents.

I would just stick w/ the FL IN programs and conf’s.