The 1968 NEC, when the cover was red!

How many have used this edition of the NEC?

My first Code was the 1965 NYC edition. This copy of the 1968 NEC was the first one I used while inspecting in Glendale and Pasadena, CA during 1971 through 1978

Time sure does fly! :D](

My point is that we should remember that the wiring found in existing homes is only as it was installed according to the edition of the NEC in effect when the building permit was issued.

All of the NEC and Section references that apply now, are very nice, but let’s keep the Home Inspector on the right track per the SOP – pointing out the possible hazards associated with defective wiring, or wiring that was installed by someone who was not aware of the correct methods.

If you inspect a home and point out the items found in your NACHI SOP, that should be enough, or am I looking at this in the wrong way?

I can recall identifying NEC sections in the past where the members or others said: “we don’t do code” — so be it, here I am expressing an opinion that may be shared by others I am sure.


Look here:

Some of the images here in this file:

Electrical Inspection Checklist (xxlarge, 40.4MB)

are those I took during these years!

Some pictures are funnier than the others!

I will weed them out and post them soon.

They have already been used in my articles and during presentations during my career. I am pleased to see that they still have some use for teaching others about the problems found in the electrical systems in dwellings.

Good pictures never grow old my friend…Always will be helpful to new people and old as they enter the profession.

DANG…that was a year before i was BORN…just noticed that…Man I am still a YOUNG chicken…:slight_smile:

Where do you find the old books Joe…I think it would be NEAT to start a collection of them…any idea of where to start?

Try searching for old rare books using the names of the authors over on Amazon, for example, names that will get you some hits are:

Henry C. Horstmann and Victor H. Tousley

I sold most of my old NEC’s to Jerry Peck and a few others who were interested.

I think that the NFPA still stocks NEC’s back as far as 1978, but you will have to contact the publications department to find out.

If you search on Ebay they too show some old NEC’s when they were tan and small enough to fit in a back pocket.

I still liked the smaller sized code books.

These young wippersnappers!
I was on a field trip in Gitmo Cuba fixing 056 verifiers for IBM in 1967.

I agree on the code book. I liked the 96 and older size. We are getting old and the 8.5x11 with bigger print is easier to see.

Dang…greg I did not figure you for an OLD fella…:slight_smile:

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Some pictures are funnier than the others!

I weeded them out and here is the file it is about 4MB.

Note This File is Password Protected:

I will send the **password **to any interested person who may find this type of information helpful for learning about electrical inspections and for training.

I will be preparing .wav files too, to cover what I found when I took these pictures. Some of the images in the original PPT file were not of good quality so I did not use them.

Here’s a sample of a .wav file, this eliminates posting on someone else’s site where people copy the file and then post another so called faster link.

This way, I will always have control over all of the files in my library, I like it that way! :wink:

In 1967 I was 11 and delivering The Chicago Daily News, oblivious to the fact that the only wiring method allowed in my home town was pipe.

You and I are the same age, you were more enterprising than I though. I was melting the old, green army soldiers back than. :cool:

I was always doing something Pierre. Shovelling snow in the winter and mowing lawns in the summer, delivering papers. If I wanted something I had to get the money myself. Guess its good I worked for it instead of stole. Guess thats also why I’m self employed today.